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Pre order closed , Subscriptions will be available after product developement.

Maintaincence Fees

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Label v6 Description

If you are a label manager working with distribution companies like symphonic , believe music or amuse etc distributing and promoting your artists song on big scale and you require management system to provide artists an interface where they can upload their singles albums , check their song status , checkout their earning reports or music analytics report , raise a ticket when any issue or query they face , then this is perfect solution for you , label v6 will make your label management easy and professional.

Changelog v6

> will be added – save incomplete release form for later completion.

> will be added – app like splash screen with your logo when user login.

> will be added – youtube copyright claim , release request form.

> Will be added – Artist creation option in frontend for your users and management in backend.

> Will be added – Label creation option in frontend for your users and management in backend.

> will be added – you’ll be able to limit no. of Artist based on user
subscription plan.

> will be added – you’ll be able to limit no. of Labels based on user
subscription plan.

> Imporvement – Average Page load speed 500ms – 3s.

> Imporvement – improvement will be made in admin page load speed.

> Report Creation Changes – In label v6 you have to edit report csv file
by just adding user id to the csv column of song user own you can one
click distribute reports to all the artist.

> will be added – you’ll be able to limit no. of releases based on user
subscription plan.

> Redesigned modern ui – Frontend Ui redesigned from scratch

> will be added – OAC (official artist channel ) Request form.

> will be added – Custom artist and label creation in frontend and in backend for management.

> Improved & Redesigned – Improved notification page admin and frontend.

> release data management from artist (approve/reject/put it
in pending your artist will check release status that you set
from their own dashboard)

> payout/withdrawal request

> subscriptions (recieve subscription payment with woo commerce
via paypal/bank transfer/stripe or any other ).

> user accounts (add/edit/delete/send password reset links/
upgrade user , demote user etc).

> user support ticket (manage tickets from user reply in your
own time get notified by email) and more coming soon.

> Analytics tool – artists music analytics sharing tool (create charts tables share it on artist dahboard from backend ) .

Please note – I do not provide distribution solution you can choose any distributor and recieve release data from your artist then release it via your own distributor.

Branding – I setup this site in your own host and domain with your own label , logo so it can also be used for branding of your record label.

Please note - this product is under developement and expected to be completed within 1-2 months from april 1st.